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Magnetic Septum Nose Ring ✨ 50% OFF NOW! ✨

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Magnetic Septum Nose Ring

Parents Don't Approve?

No worries, Magnetic Septum Nose rings have been there! Take them out before you step into your house and put them back on when you go out with your friends. 

Get The Septum Look Without The Pain

Scared to get a septum? No problem, get the septum to look that you always wanted without the pain and long process.

Can't Afford A Septum Piercing?

Get the septum look you always wanted for the fraction of the price (and less pain!)



  • Easy to Wearing:
    To successfully wear our magnetic fake septum nose rings hoop, align the magnets on both sides and hold for 2 seconds. Magnetic stability and comfort; not easily dropped.
  • Trendy Design:
    These Fake Nose Ring Hoops are so cool and charming that you'll stand out in a crowd.
  • Quality Material:
    Our hypoallergenic fake nose ring hoops are made of 316L stainless steel, which is nickel-free and lead-free. They have highly polished smooth surfaces that are comfortable and easy to put on and take off.
  • Great Gift:
    This magnetic fake septum nose rings hoop is a great gift for your wife, husband, daughter, or friends on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.
  • Good for All Occasions:
    Our fake nose rings are also appropriate for other occasions such as parties, dinners, and travel. Simply show off your personal style and make yourself stand out.

Comes with both interchangeable spikes and balls


  1. Carefully separate both “C” shaped metal pieces.
  2. Hold one piece, and carefully place each piece on either side of your septum.
  3. Hold both pieces still for a couple of seconds, to give the pieces a chance to magnetize. Carefully let go of each piece.
  4. VIOLA! You’ve just achieved “the look,” without the piercing pain!


  • Size: 16G(1.2mm); Inner diameter: 10mm (3/8"); Ball size: 3mm, replacement spikes size: 3mm


  • 1 x Magnetic Septum Nose Ring